Additional file 8 of Immune-related 3-lncRNA signature with prognostic connotation in a multi-cancer setting

Shimaa Sherif, Raghvendra Mall, Hossam Almeer, Adviti Naik, Abdulaziz Al Homaid, Remy Thomas, Jessica Roelands, Sathiya Narayanan, Mahmoud Gasim Mohamed, Shahinaz Bedri, Salha Bujassoum Al-Bader, Kulsoom Junejo, Davide Bedognetti, Wouter Hendrickx & Julie Decock
Additional file 8: Survival curves of 3 ir-lncRNA signature. Overall survival Kaplan-Meier curves in which the 3 ir-lncRNAs signature did not show any significant prognostic value. Dichotomization cutoff of ‘high’ (red) and ‘low’ (cyan) subgroups was based on the optimal cut-off point as determined by a 5-fold cross-validation analysis. Censor points are indicated by vertical lines. P-values were determined by logrank test.
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