Additional file 2 of Assessing the causal association between human blood metabolites and the risk of epilepsy

Jiahao Cai, Xiaoyu Li, Shangbin Wu, Yang Tian, Yani Zhang, Zixin Wei, Zixiang Jin, Xiaojing Li, Xiong Chen & Wen-Xiong Chen
Additional file 2: Table S1. List of the identification (ID) for each of the 486 blood metabolites. Table S2. Harmonization data_482 blood metabolites and overall documented epilepsy from the ILAE consortium. Table S3. Results for the Mendelian randomization estimates and sensitivity analysis in epilepsy-subgroup (focal and generalized epilepsy) analysis. Table S4. Leave one out analysis for the causal association between blood metabolites and epilepsy subtypes.
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