Additional file 1 of LAG3 blockade coordinates with microwave ablation to promote CD8+ T cell-mediated anti-tumor immunity

Dong Shao, Yaping Chen, Hao Huang, Yingting Liu, Junjun Chen, Dawei Zhu, Xiao Zheng, Lujun Chen & Jingting Jiang
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Flow cytometry analysis was used to confirm the differences of sub-populations in MWA and MWA combined with the LAG3 blockade groups. A. Gating strategy of tumor infiltrating Foxp3+Tregs. B. The percentage of Tregs was not significantly changed in MWA and MWA combined with the LAG3 blockade groups (n=5 for each group). C. Gating strategy of sub-sets of tumor infiltrating DCs and macrophages. D. There were not significant changes of DCs,...
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