Additional file 4 of Inhibition of CISD2 promotes ferroptosis through ferritinophagy-mediated ferritin turnover and regulation of p62–Keap1–NRF2 pathway

Yanchun Li, Bing Xu, Xueying Ren, Luyang Wang, Yaqing Xu, Yefeng Zhao, Chen Yang, Chen Yuan, Huanjuan Li, Xiangmin Tong, Ying Wang & Jing Du
Additional file 4: Figure S4. (A) Analysis of NQO1 expression by RT-PCR in CISD2 silenced HT-1080 cells with or without the treatment of erastin; (B) Quantitative analysis of NQO1 expression in Fig. 4A;★P < 0.05 and ★★P < 0.01 between the indicated groups.
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