Additional file 1 of Heavy-load exercise in older adults activates vasculogenesis and has a stronger impact on muscle gene expression than in young adults

Kaare M. Gautvik, Ole K. Olstad, Ulrika Raue, Vigdis T. Gautvik, Karl J. Kvernevik, Tor P. Utheim, Solveig Ravnum, Camilla Kirkegaard, Håvard Wiig, Garan Jones, Luke C. Pilling, Scott Trappe, Truls Raastad & Sjur Reppe
Addiitional file 1: Figure S1. Comparison of transcript signal levels between os ilium–associated muscle and thigh muscle. Figure S2. Genes within the Diseases and Function category Vasculogenesis with increased (red) or reduced (green) expression end vs start of the training period in elderly as compared to young. Table S1. Common annotated genes changed in elderly in both Oslo and BSU cohorts at Q-value<0.1.
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