Facile in situ fabrication of a direct Z-scheme BiOCl/bismuth niobate heterojunction and its effective photodegradation of RhB

Huining Zhang, Yankui Xiao, Zhongyu Shi, Lihong Tian, Yuling Tang, Xingmao Liu, Yangyi Tian & Yan Lin
Bismuth-based photocatalytic technology has been a promising way to degrade contaminants in the aqueous system. In this work, a direct Z-scheme BiOCl/Bi3NbO7 heterojunction with a different molar ratio of Bi and Nb elements was fabricated through a facile in situ growth method. The structural and photoelectric characteristics of these as-prepared samples were investigated by SEM, XPS, TEM, XRD, BET, UV-vis DRS, PL, EIS and TPC. The photocatalytic activity was evaluated by the degradation of RhB,...
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