Additional file 3 of miR-1297 sensitizes glioma cells to temozolomide (TMZ) treatment through targeting adrenomedullin (ADM)

Zongze He, Meixiong Cheng, Junting Hu, Lingtong Liu, Ping Liu, Longyi Chen, Deqian Cao & Jian Tang
Additional file 3: Fig. S2. ADM was upregulated in glioma tissues based on online datasets and clinical collected samples. (A) GSE4412; (B) GSE4290; (C) overall survival of ADM according to CGGA dataset; (D) overall survival of ADM according to TCGA-GBMLGG dataset; (E and F) The mRNA and protein levels of ADM in glioma samples and non-cancerous peritumoral brain edema tissue.
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