Additional file 1 of Melanoma stem cells promote metastasis via exosomal miR-1268a inactivation of autophagy

Xiaoshuang Li, Doudou Liu, Hao Chen, Bin Zeng, Qiting Zhao, Yuhan Zhang, Yuting Chen, Jianyu Wang & H. Rosie Xing
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. A The process of miR-1268a derived from OL-SCs cells entering OL cells through exosomes (Cy5 marks miR-1268a, PKH26 marks exosomes, and DiO marks cell membrane). Scale bar, 10 nm. B, C Graphs of the results of the remaining two replicate experiments in the cell cycle. D The proliferation ability of OL cells transfected with mir-1268a mimics and NC mimics was detected by EdU analysis, p > 0.05. E The spheroidization...
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