Additional file 4 of Genomic Architecture of Yield Performance of an Elite Rice Hybrid Revealed by its Derived Recombinant Inbred Line and Their Backcross Hybrid Populations

Fan Zhang, Conghe Zhang, Xiuqin Zhao, Shuangbing Zhu, Kai Chen, Guixiang Zhou, Zhichao Wu, Min Li, Tianqing Zheng, Wensheng Wang, Zhi Yan, Qinyong Fei, Zhikang Li, Jinjie Chen & Jianlong Xu
Additional file 4: Fig. S2. High-density linkage map consisting of 855 bins was constructed for the RIL population from a cross between Q9311B and WSSM based on the genotypes at 13,847 segregating genes. a, The recombination bin map of the RIL population (n = 1061), in which the horizontal axis indicates the RILs and the vertical axis indicates genomic regions. Q9311B/Q9311B homozygous type is shown in red, WSSM/WSSM homozygous type is shown in blue, and...
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