Additional file 1 of Aberrant methylation of Serpine1 mediates lung injury in neonatal mice prenatally exposed to intrauterine inflammation

Dongting Yao, Jiuru Zhao, Qianqian Zhang, Tao Wang, Meng Ni, Sudong Qi, Qianwen Shen, Wei Li, Baihe Li, Xiya Ding & Zhiwei Liu
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Enrichment of differentially expressed genes in lung tissues of neonatal mice with intrauterine inflammation. A Immunofluorescence detection of Pro-SFTPC in the lung tissues of neonatal mice (green, DAPI: blue). C, D GO and KEGG enrichment of the upregulated genes. E, F GO and KEGG enrichment of the downregulated genes.Q-value ≤ 0.05 and fold-change ≥ 2 were used as the thresholds for screening the differentially expressed genes. Data show mean ±...
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