Additional file 1 of Randomized controlled trials in de-implementation research: a systematic scoping review

Aleksi J. Raudasoja, Petra Falkenbach, Robin W. M. Vernooij, Jussi M. J. Mustonen, Arnav Agarwal, Yoshitaka Aoki, Marco H. Blanker, Rufus Cartwright, Herney A. Garcia-Perdomo, Tuomas P. Kilpeläinen, Olli Lainiala, Tiina Lamberg, Olli P. O. Nevalainen, Eero Raittio, Patrick O. Richard, Philippe D. Violette, Jorma Komulainen, Raija Sipilä & Kari A. O. Tikkinen
Additional file 1: eFigure1. Flow diagram. eFigure 2. Published studies per medical content area. eFigure 3. Risk of bias per question. eFigure 4. Risk of bias inside intervention categories. eFigure 5. Intervention components in single-component interventions. eMethods 1. Search strategies. eMethods 2. Risk of Bias Tool for RCTs of complex interventions. eMethods 3. Refined version of intervention taxonomy for de-implementation interventions. eMethods 4. Rationale for refined intervention taxonomy. eMethods 5. Rationale for outcome hierarchy of...
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