Additional file 8 of Parental genomes segregate into distinct blastomeres during multipolar zygotic divisions leading to mixoploid and chimeric blastocysts

Tine De Coster, Heleen Masset, Olga Tšuiko, Maaike Catteeuw, Yan Zhao, Nicolas Dierckxsens, Ainhoa Larreategui Aparicio, Eftychia Dimitriadou, Sophie Debrock, Karen Peeraer, Marta de Ruijter-Villani, Katrien Smits, Ann Van Soom & Joris Robert Vermeesch
Additional file 8: Figure S8. Anuclear blastomeres and fragments. A) Phylogenetic tree based on reassembled mitochondrial genomes of 11 anuclear blastomeres and two anuclear fragments, showing a common ancestor for sequenced blastomeres and fragments retrieved from the same embryo. One anuclear blastomere was not included. B) Box plots and median values of the number of raw reads per 10 Mb bin (y-axis) per chromosome (chr1 - chrX) and for the mitochondrial DNA (chrM) (x-axis) as...
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