Additional file 9 of Parental genomes segregate into distinct blastomeres during multipolar zygotic divisions leading to mixoploid and chimeric blastocysts

Tine De Coster, Heleen Masset, Olga Tšuiko, Maaike Catteeuw, Yan Zhao, Nicolas Dierckxsens, Ainhoa Larreategui Aparicio, Eftychia Dimitriadou, Sophie Debrock, Karen Peeraer, Marta de Ruijter-Villani, Katrien Smits, Ann Van Soom & Joris Robert Vermeesch
Additional file 9: Figure S9. Genome-wide composition of blastocysts following multipolar zygotic division. Circos plots of six embryos that developed to the blastocyst stage following multipolar zygotic division in which each circle represents the interpreted genome constitution per chromosome (1 - X) of a sampled single cell. The interpreted genome spanning the largest part of the chromosome was chosen as overall interpretation per chromosome, as such, segmental chromosomal errors are not depicted. On the left...
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