In silico, in vitro VEGFR-2 inhibition, and anticancer activity of a 3-(hydrazonomethyl)naphthalene-2-ol derivative

Eslam B. Elkaeed, Reda G. Yousef, Hazem Elkady, Ahmed B. M. Mehany, Bshra A. Alsfouk, Dalal Z. Husein, Ibrahim M. Ibrahim, Ahmed M. Metwaly & Ibrahim H. Eissa
In agreement with the general features of VEGFR-2 inhibitors, a new naphthalene analog (compound 7) has been designed and synthesized. The inhibitory potential of compound 7 was indicated by the proper binding and the perfect energy of −21.10 kcal/mol compared to sorafenib (−21.22) in the molecular docking studies. Next, six MD simulation studies over 100 ns (RMSD, RMSF, SASA, RoG, hydrogen bonding, and distance between the center of mass) confirmed the accurate interaction of compound...
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