Description of Four Novel Species in Pleosporales associated with Coffee in Yunnan, China

Li Lu, Samantha C. Karunarathna, Dong-Qin Dai, Yin-ru Xiong, Nakarin Suwannarach, Steven L. Stephenson, Abdallah M. Elgorban, Salim Al-Rejaie, Ruvishika S. Jayawardena & Saowaluck Tibpromma
Based on molecular phylogenetic analyses of combined ITS, LSU, SSU, rpb2, and tef1-α sequence data and morphological characteristics, four new species viz. Deniquelata yunnanensis, Paraconiothyrium yunnanensis, Pseudocoleophoma puerensis and Pse. yunnanensis and three new records viz. Austropleospora keteleeriae, Montagnula thailandica and Xenocamarosporium acaciae in Pleosporales are introduced.
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