Additional file 3 of Krüppel-like factor 7 influences translation and pathways involved in ribosomal biogenesis in breast cancer

Anne-Marie Lüchtenborg, Patrick Metzger, Miguel Cosenza Contreras, Victor Oria, Martin L. Biniossek, Franziska Lindner, Klemens Fröhlich, Ambrus Malyi, Thalia Erbes, Nicole Gensch, Jochen Maurer, Andreas Thomsen, Melanie Boerries, Oliver Schilling, Martin Werner & Peter Bronsert
Additional file 3: Figure S3. Analysis of processes involved in ribosomal biogenesis in MCF7 cells. A) KLF7OE does not lead to significant changes in mRNA expression of the indicated genes in export, pseudouridylation, rRNA cleavage. B) No changes in POP1 and RMRP mRNA level by KLF7OE in MCF7 cells.
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