Additional file 1 of Construction and validation of a revised satisfaction index model for the Chinese urban and rural resident-based basic medical insurance scheme

Wenwei Cheng, Shiwen Wang, Xiaofang Liu, Yanyan Wu, Jin Cheng, Weichu Sun, Xiaofang Yan, Qi Wang, Liai Peng, Xiaoli Liu, Tingting Sha, Jingcheng Shi & Fang Yang
Additional file 1: Supplementary Material. Table S1. Summary of literature on the connotation of perceived quality. Table S2. The measurement scores and comparative analysis between two groups of the initial draft of SIM_URRBMI. Table S3. Item parameter estimation from the GRM. Table S4. The result of the collinearity assessment in the revised SIM_URRBMI1.0. Table S5. The indirect effects in the revised SIM_URRBMI1.0.
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