Additional file 2 of SPARC plays an important role in the oviposition and nymphal development in Nilaparvata lugens Stål

Weixia Wang, Tingheng Zhu, Pinjun Wan, Qi Wei, Jiachun He, Fengxiang Lai & Qiang Fu
Additional file 2: Figure. S1. Unrooted phylogenetic tree of NlSPARC from N.lugens and representative insect species. An unrooted phylogenetic tree was constructed by the neighbour-joining tree construction program Mega 7. Evolutionary distances were computed using Poisson correction method. Branch support values (1000 bootstraps) for nodes are indicated only support values > 50% are shown. NlSPARC is marked with filled triangle. All protein sequences (accession numbers, length and pI) obtained from GenBank was listed in Table...
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