Additional file 1 of A high-quality Buxus austro-yunnanensis (Buxales) genome provides new insights into karyotype evolution in early eudicots

Zhenyue Wang, Ying Li, Pengchuan Sun, Mingjia Zhu, Dandan Wang, Zhiqiang Lu, Hongyin Hu, Renping Xu, Jin Zhang, Jianxiang Ma, Jianquan Liu & Yongzhi Yang
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. The previously reported topologies within eudicots. Fig. S2. 19-Kmer-based analysis to estimate the genome size of Buxus austro-yunnanensis. Fig. S3. Interaction frequency distribution of Hi-C links among chromosomes. Fig. S4. GC contents of five early-diverging eudicot species. Fig. S5. BUSCO results for six eudicots. Fig. S6. LTR insertion time of Buxus austro-yunnanensis. Fig. S7. Gene structures of Aquilegia, Buxus, Nelumbo, Trochodendron and Tetracentron. Fig. S8. The phylogenetic trees of the...
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