Long non-coding RNA FABP5P3/miR-22 axis improves TGFβ1-induced fatty acid oxidation deregulation and fibrotic changes in proximal tubular epithelial cells of renal fibrosis

Jingrong Wang, Jia Zeng, Guangmin Yin, Zhijun Deng, Long Wang, Jianye Liu, Kun Yao, Zhi Long, Xianzhen Jiang & Jing Tan
Severe hydronephrosis increases the risk of urinary tract infection and irretrievable renal fibrosis. While TGFβ1-mediated fibrotic changes in proximal tubular epithelial cells and fatty acid oxidation (FAO) deregulation contribute to renal fibrosis and hydronephrosis. Firstly, a few elements were analyzed in this paper, including differentially-expressed long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs), and miRNAs correlated to CPT1A, RXRA, and NCOA1. This paper investigated TGFβ1 effects on lncRNA FABP5P3, CPT1A, RXRA, and NCOA1 expression and fibrotic changes in HK-2...
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