Additional file 2 of EVI1 expression in early-stage breast cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Jonas Leichsenring, Valentina Vladimirova, Christine Solbach, Thomas Karn, Beyhan Ataseven, Bruno Valentin Sinn, Jana Barinoff, Volkmar Müller, Jens-Uwe Blohmer, Christian Schem, Knut Engels, Frederik Marmé, Annette Fisseler-Eckhoff, Peter A. Fasching, Elmar Stickeler, Marion van Mackelenbergh, Carsten Denkert, Albrecht Stenzinger, Sibylle Loibl & Stefan Gröschel
Additional file 2: Supplementary Figure 2. Distribution of EVI1 continuous expression in breast cancer: A: Histogram of EVI1 continuous expression in the entire cohort (N=993); B: Boxplots of EVI1 continuous expression within breast cancer subtypes. Note, 882/993 patients with available BC subtype information were included in this analysis. Horizontal bold lines present EVI1 median values of 116.65 in HR+/HER2-, 98.67 in HR+/HER2+, 114.77in HR-/HER2+, and 115.64 in TNBC; boxes present the interquartile range between first...
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