Simultaneous EEG data with passive motor stimulus from preterm infants

Tanya Poppe, Jucha Willers Moore, Mohammed Rupawala, Anthony N. Price, felipe godinez, Kimberley Whitehead, Sofia Dall'orso, A David Edwards, Lorenzo Fabrizi & Tomoki Arichi
Preprocessed EEG data - infants were fitted with neonatal 25-electrode EEG caps (29 - 32 cm head circumference) and connected to an MR-compatible system (EASYCAP and Brain Products GmbH). EEG data preprocessing was performed using Analyzer 2 software (Brain Products GmbH), with an initial 0.2 Hz high-pass filter used to remove slow frequency drift in the EEG data. After exclusion of TRs with visible motion on the raw EEG, MR gradient artifact was cleaned using...
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