Additional file 2 of Genome-wide identification, new classification, expression analysis and screening of drought & heat resistance related candidates in the RING zinc finger gene family of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Yongliang Li, Pai Qin, Aolong Sun, Wenjun Xiao, Fenglin Chen, Yang He, Keyao Yu, You Li, Meng Zhang & Xinhong Guo
Additional file 2: Figure S2. Phylogenetic relationships, gene structure and architecture of conserved protein motifs in 138 TaRING-zfs from T. aestivum. a The name of 138 TaRING-zf genes. b Exon, intron, and UTR structure of 138 TaRING-zf genes. Yellow boxes indicate untranslated 5’ and 3’ regions, green boxes indicate exon, and black lines indicate introns. The gene full length and protein length can be estimated by using the scale at the bottom. c The motif...
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