Additional file 6 of Exosomal circZNF451 restrains anti-PD1 treatment in lung adenocarcinoma via polarizing macrophages by complexing with TRIM56 and FXR1

Jian Gao, Yong-Qiang Ao, Ling-Xian Zhang, Jie Deng, Shuai Wang, Hai-Kun Wang, Jia-Hao Jiang & Jian-Yong Ding
Additional file 6: Supplementary Figure 2. A Infiltration of CD4+T, CD8+T, Foxp3+Treg, CD56+NK and CD11C+dendritic cells and CD86+ and CD163+ macrophages in the circZNF451high and circZNF451low group was presented in the violin plot. B The transfection efficiency of circZNF451 in LLC was measured by qRT-PCR. C The construction of A549-shcircZNF451, H1299-shcircZNF451, H1395-circZNF451 and H1975-circZNF451 cell lines was confirmed by qRT-PCR. D IFN-γ and GZMB levels in the supernatant of CD8+ T cells were measured via...
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