Additional file 5 of Discovery of an autophagy inducer J3 to lower mutant huntingtin and alleviate Huntington’s disease-related phenotype

Jiahui Long, Xia Luo, Dongmei Fang, Haikun Song, Weibin Fang, Hao Shan, Peiqing Liu, Boxun Lu, Xiao-Ming Yin, Liang Hong & Min Li
Additional file 5: Figure S5. (A) The flow diagram of the mice generation, genotype identification, and the administration methods (HdhQ140/Q140 and WT mice are not littermates in our study). (B) Dissection of the mice striatum were shown in the picture, the red line indicates the outline for a piece of striatum. (C) The immunostaining of T-HTT (anti-HTT, MAB2166) in the striatum of WT and homozygous mice was analyzed at 12-month-old. (D) The expression of total...
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