Additional file 2 of Revealing the characteristics of ZIKV infection through tissue-specific transcriptome sequencing analysis

Zhi-lu Chen, Zuo-jing Yin, Tian-yi Qiu, Jian Chen, Jian Liu, Xiao-yan Zhang & Jian-qing Xu
Additional file 2: Supplementary Fig. 1. The classification plot of samples from three cell lines based on all the DEGs. Cells were treated with (3, 12, 24 h.p.i.) or without (normal group) ZIKV infection; Supplementary Fig. 2. The expression heatmap of 33 common DEGs among JEG-3, U-251 MG, and HK-2 cells; Supplementary Fig 3. The enriched GO BPs of DEGs from 3 cell lines, including (a) JEG-3, (b) U-251 MG, (c) HK-2 cells. Supplementary Table...
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