Utility of a three-gene transcriptomic signature in the diagnosis of tuberculosis in a low-endemic hospital setting

Bih Hycenta Chendi, Tracey Jooste, Thomas Jens Scriba, Martin Kidd, Simon Mendelsohn, Kristian Tonby, Gerhard Walzl, Anne M. Dyrhol-Riise & Novel Njweipi Chegou
Host transcriptomic blood signatures have demonstrated diagnostic potential for tuberculosis (TB), requiring further validation across different geographical settings. Discriminating TB from other diseases with similar clinical manifestations is crucial for the development of an accurate immunodiagnostic tool. In this exploratory cohort study, we evaluated the performance of potential blood-based transcriptomic signatures in distinguishing TB disease from non-TB lower respiratory tract infections in hospitalised patients in a TB low-endemic country. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction qPCR)...
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