Additional file 2 of Construction of a transposase accessible chromatin landscape reveals chromatin state of repeat elements and potential causal variant for complex traits in pigs

Tao Jiang, Ziqi Ling, Zhimin Zhou, Xiaoyun Chen, Liqing Chen, Sha Liu, Yingchun Sun, Jiawen Yang, Bin Yang, Jianzhen Huang & Lusheng Huang
Additional file 2: Fig. S1. The analysis process and characteristics of peaks. (a) and (b) The ATAC-seq signal enrichment around TSSs and insert size distribution of ATAC-seq for 2 samples (brain_sample1 and brain_sample2). (c) Proportion of tissue-specific peaks that were distal peaks or proximal peaks. (d) Distribution of peak size obtained in this study. Fig. S2. Identifying the functional pathway and tissue specificity via RNA-seq. (a) Hierarchical clustering using gene expression. (b) Functional enrichment of...
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