Additional file 1 of Multiomic analysis of papillary thyroid cancers identifies BAIAP2L1-BRAF fusion and requirement of TRIM25, PDE5A and PKCδ for tumorigenesis

Emilie Renaud, Kristina Riegel, Rossana Romero, Kushal Suryamohan, Ute Distler, Stefan Tenzer, Arno Schad, Thomas J. Musholt & Krishnaraj Rajalingam
Additional file 1: Suppl. Fig. 1. RET fusions were identified in 3 patients. A. H&E and α-thyroglobulin staining of indicated patients’ tumor tissues. B. Summary of patients’ features. C. Circos plots showing RET fusions detected in patients 14, 15 and 21. D./E. RET fusions detection by qPCR (E) and RT-PCR (F) in indicated samples. F. BAIAP2L1-BRAF detection by qPCR (upper panel) and RT-PCR (lower two panels) in the indicated patients’ samples. The upper graph shows...
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