Additional file 1 of Impact of the national hepatitis B immunization program in China: a modeling study

Zhixi Liu, Mengying Li, David W. Hutton, Abram L. Wagner, Ye Yao, Wenlong Zhu, Lingsheng Cao, Shenglan Tang, Jinhua Pan, Yesheng Wang, Qi Zhao, Hong Ren, Ying Wang & Weibing Wang
Additional file 1: Fig: S1. Transmission structure of the HBV mathematical model. Fig. S2. HBV infection and progression structure of Markov model. Fig. S3. Process of acute HBV infection. Fig. S4. Dynamic model fitting and prediction results. The blue points represent the observed incidence data, while the black cross represents the incidence data fitted by the model. Red triangles represent the predicted incidence data. Fig. S5. Exploration of feasible vaccination interventions on HBV. A: the...
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