Additional file 1 of Surface fungal diversity and several mycotoxin-related genes’ expression profiles during the Lunar Palace 365 experiment

Jianlou Yang, Zikai Hao, Lantao Zhang, Yuming Fu & Hong Liu
Additional file 1: Supplementary Table S1. qPCR primer sequences, mycotoxin types, producers, and toxic effects in humans. Supplementary Table S2. ASV abundances and potential ecological functions (F01-F70). Supplementary Table S3. ISS dust, AIT, ILMAH, and LP1 surfaces merged fungal ASV table. Supplementary Table S4. Species abundance tables at the phylum level. Supplementary Table S5. Species abundance tables at the genus level. Supplementary Table S6. Trophic modes of the fungal microbiome in the different crew groups...
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