Additional file 2 of Identification of adenoid subtype characterized with immune-escaped phenotype in lung squamous carcinoma based on transcriptomics

Jie Mei, Yun Cai, Ofek Mussafi, Mingfeng Zheng, Yongrui Xu, Ruo Chen, Guanyu Jiang, Wenjun Mao, Wei Xia & Yuan Wan
Additional file 2: Figure S1. Demarcation of patients using a SNN modularity optimization-based clustering algorithm. A Unsupervised clustering of NSCLC samples with four clusters. B Unsupervised clustering of LUAD and LUSC samples. C Distribution of LUAD and LUSC samples in four different clusters. Figure S2. Associations between NSCLC subtypes and TME features. A Levels of stromal score, immune score, ESTIMATE score, and tumor purity in LUAD (n = 512), LUSC (n = 430), and LASC...
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