Additional file 4 of The choice of reference chart affects the strength of the association between malaria in pregnancy and small for gestational age: an individual participant data meta-analysis comparing the Intergrowth-21 with a Tanzanian birthweight chart

George Mtove, Daniel T. R. Minja, Omari Abdul, Samwel Gesase, Kenneth Maleta, Titus H. Divala, Noel Patson, Ulla Ashorn, Miriam K. Laufer, Mwayiwawo Madanitsa, Per Ashorn, Don Mathanga, Jobiba Chinkhumba, Julie R. Gutman, Feiko O. ter Kuile, Sofie Lykke Møller, Ib C. Bygbjerg, Michael Alifrangis, Thor Theander, John P. A. Lusingu & Christentze Schmiegelow
Additional file 4: Figure S3. Association between small for gestational age (SGA) and malaria in pregnancy excluding all HIV seropositive women. Panels A and B shows the unadjusted odds ratio (uOR) for SGA when using STOPPAM (SGASTOPPAM) and Intergrowth-21 (SGAIG21) references. Panels C and D shows the adjusted odds ratio (aOR).
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