Additional file 1 of CTpathway: a CrossTalk-based pathway enrichment analysis method for cancer research

Haizhou Liu, Mengqin Yuan, Ramkrishna Mitra, Xu Zhou, Min Long, Wanyue Lei, Shunheng Zhou, Yu-e Huang, Fei Hou, Christine M. Eischen & Wei Jiang
Additional file 1: Table S1. Information of protein-protein (PPI) included in this study. Table S2. Summary of data sets analyzed in this study. Table S3. Summary of 12 gold standard data sets. Table S4. The degree of genes in the GPCM. Table S5. List of CGC genes of four cancer types. Table S6. GSEA enrichment results of RS or |log2FC| for CGC genes. Tables S7-S14. Significant (FDR < 0.01) pathways identified by CTpathway for GEO...
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