Additional file 1 of Dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase 1 protects PM2.5 exposure-induced lung injury in mice by repressing inflammation and oxidative stress

Junling Gao, Tong Lei, Hongyun Wang, Kai Luo, Yuanli Wang, Bingqing Cui, Zhuoran Yu, Xiaoqi Hu, Fang Zhang, Yingjie Chen, Wenjun Ding & Zhongbing Lu
Additional file1. Fig. S1. The morphology and size distribution of PM2.5. A Scanning electron microscopy image of PM2.5. Scale bar = 500 nm. B Particle size distribution in the ultrapure water was analyzed by dynamic light scattering. Fig. S2. The body mass curves of PM2.5-exposed mice. During the exposure period, body weight of Ddah1−/− mice and wild type (WT) littermates (A), and body weight of human DDAH1 transgenic mice (DDAH1-Tg) and WT littermates were recorded...
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