Additional file 1 of Identification of a flavonoid C-glycosyltransferase from fern species Stenoloma chusanum and the application in synthesizing flavonoid C-glycosides in Escherichia coli

Rong Ni, Xin-Yan Liu, Jiao-Zhen Zhang, Jie Fu, Hui Tan, Ting-Ting Zhu, Jing Zhang, Hai-Long Wang, Hong-Xiang Lou & Ai-Xia Cheng
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. The possible biosynthetic pathways for C-glycosylflavones. F2H: flavanone 2-hydroxylase; FNS: flavone synthase; CGT: C-glycosyltransferase. Fig. S2. SDS-PAGE analysis of recombinant proteins. M: Weight marker, Lane 1: pET32a, Lane 2: ScGT1, Lane 3: ScGT2, Lane 4: ScGT3, Lane 5: ScGT4, Lane 6: ScCGT1-H26A, Lane 7: ScCGT1-L143T, Lane 8: ScCGT1-P164T, Lane 9: ScCGT1-L301G, Lane 10: ScCGT1-D141I/P142D, Lane 11: ScCGT1-4T (S108D/H109P/V110F/L111F). Fig. S3. Sugar donor selectivity of ScCGT1. A. HPLC chromatograms of the...
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