Additional file 2 of Plasma metabolomics provides new insights into the relationship between metabolites and outcomes and left ventricular remodeling of coronary artery disease

Qian Zhu, Min Qin, Zixian Wang, Yonglin Wu, Xiaoping Chen, Chen Liu, Qilin Ma, Yibin Liu, Weihua Lai, Hui Chen, Jingjing Cai, Yemao Liu, Fang Lei, Bin Zhang, Shuyao Zhang, Guodong He, Hanping Li, Mingliang Zhang, Hui Zheng, Jiyan Chen, Min Huang & Shilong Zhong
Additional file 2. Additional Methods. Fig. S1. The Kaplan–Meier curves of LVEF (A-B) and LVMI (C-D) for risks of death and MACE in the discovery cohort. Fig. S2. Correlation network of metabolic signatures for MACE risk and clinical factors. Fig. S3. Representative total ion flow diagrams between different QC samples under positive ion mode (A) and negative ion mode (B). Fig. S4. The visualization image analysis of the quality improvement procedures for typical features (Kynurenine)...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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