Additional file 1 of Transcriptomes of Clusterin- and S100B-transfected neuronal cells elucidate protective mechanisms against hypoxia and oxidative stress in the hooded seal (Cystophora cristata) brain

Gerrit A. Martens, Cornelia Geßner, Carina Osterhof, Thomas Hankeln & Thorsten Burmester
Additional file 1: Figure S1. Expression of endogenic and transgenic CLU and S100B sequences in transfected HN33 cell lines at normoxia, determined by qPCR experiments. Differences in Ct-values between endogenic and transgenic nCLU, sCLU and S100B were 13.17 (with Ct of 40 for endogenic nCLU), 13.25 and 9.48, respectively. The fold-expression difference for nCLU, sCLU and S100B therefore were 213.17, 213.25 and 29.48, respectively. Figure S2. TPM values of endogenic (CLU, S100B) and transgenic [CLU...
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