Additional file 3 of Identification of pyroptosis-related genes and long non-coding RNAs signatures in osteosarcoma

Jian Zhang, Jianjian Deng, Rui Ding, Jinghong Yuan, Jiahao Liu, Xiaokun Zhao, Tianlong Wu, Jingyu Jia & Xigao Cheng
Additional file 3: Fig. S1. A, B PCA based on the six pyroptosis-related genes signature. C, D The relationship between the risk score and metastasis. E-G The nomogram calibration curves for predicting 1-, 3-, and 5-year survival in the GSE21257 cohort. H Kaplan–Meier analysis based on the pan-cancer data set and univariate Cox regression analysis of CHMP4C. I The expressions of CHMP4C in tumor and adjacent normal tissues.
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