Additional file 1 of Gene Identification, expression analysis and molecular docking of ATP sulfurylase in the selenization pathway of Cardamine hupingshanensis

Zhijing Xiao, Yanke Lu, Yi Zou, Chi Zhang, Li Ding, Kai Luo, Qiaoyu Tang & Yifeng Zhou
Supplementary Figure S1: Multiple sequence alignment of all the ChATPS proteins; Supplementary Table S1: Physicochemical properties of ATPS proteins in C. hupingshanensis. Supplementary Table S2: The gene coding sequences and protein sequences of ChATPS. Supplementary Table S3: Secondary structure analysis of the nine proteins. Supplementary Table S4: Primers used in qRT-PCR analysis for ChATPS. Table S5: The binding energy of each ligand to each protein at the catalytic site (unit: kcal mol-1). Table S6: At...
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