Additional file 5 of An engineered non-oxidative glycolytic bypass based on Calvin-cycle enzymes enables anaerobic co-fermentation of glucose and sorbitol by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Aafke C. A. van Aalst, Robert Mans & Jack T. Pronk
Additional file 5: Table S1. Predicted ethanol yields on substrate, biomass-specific substrate-uptake rates (qsubstrate) and biomass yields on substrate for wild-type S. cerevisiae (WT) and strains with an engineered PRK-RuBisCO bypass of the oxidative reaction in glycolysis on both glucose and on sorbitol. Rates and yields were predicted for cultures growing at different specific growth rates, using an extended stoichiometric model of the core metabolic network of S. cerevisiae (1, 2). A Cmol biomass (CH1.8O0.5N0.2,...
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