Additional file 1 of MiR-493-5p inhibits Th9 cell differentiation in allergic asthma by targeting FOXO1

Xingyu Rao, Heting Dong, Weili Zhang, Huiming Sun, Wenjing Gu, Xinxing Zhang, Li Huang, Yongdong Yan, Chuangli Hao, Wei Ji, Canhong Zhu & Zhengrong Chen
Additional file 1: Figure S1. mRNA changes of miR-493-5p and partial cytokines related to Th9 cell differentiation in mouse asthma model. **P < 0.01, compared to control. Figure S2. Validation of overexpression/knockout efficiency. (A) The overexpression/knockout efficiency of miR-493-5p mimic/inhibitor. (B) The overexpression efficiency of FOXO1.
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