Adaptor complex-mediated trafficking of Newcastle disease virus fusion protein is regulated by the YLMY motif of its cytoplasmic tail

Yawen Bu, Qingyuan Teng, Delan Feng, Rong Liang, Haoran Wang, Xuehui Zhang, Xiao Li, Wenfeng Jia, Jia Xue, Ye Zhao & Guozhong Zhang
Previously, we reported that the mediation of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) pathogenicity by the 524YLMY527 motif depends mainly on the regulation of F protein transport to the cell surface. The virus and host determinants that govern this intracellular trafficking remain unknown. Here, we confirmed that host adaptor protein (AP) complexes are involved in NDV infection using small interfering RNA. The transport of viral F protein to the cell surface depends on host transport proteins. We...
1 citation reported since publication in 2022.
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