Three new cytotoxic annonaceous acetogenins from the seeds of Annona squamosa

Chengyao Ma, Yue Li, Jiahui Lu, Maolin Wang, Xiang Li, Jianwei Chen, Yong Chen & Wenzheng Ju
Three new annonaceous acetogenins, annotemoyin L (1), annotemoyin Y (2) and annotemoyin X, (3) were isolated from the seeds of Annona squamosa Linn. Their structures were ascertained by chemical methods and spectral data. The cytotoxic activities of compounds against three multidrug-resistant cancer cell lines were evaluated, and compound 3 exerted strong cytotoxicity against SMMC 7721/ADR (IC50 0.163 μM), A549/T (IC50 0.064 μM) and MCF-7/ADR (IC50 0.057 μM).
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