X-ray spectrometry imaging and chemical speciation assisting to understand the toxic effects of copper oxide nanoparticles on zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Joyce Ribeiro Santos-Rasera, Rafael Giovanini de Lima, Dejane Santos Alves, Regina Teresa Rosim Monteiro & Hudson Wallace Pereira de Carvalho
Currently, copper nanoparticles are used in various sectors of industry, agriculture, and medicine. To understand the effects induced by these nanoparticles, it is necessary to assess the environmental risk and safely expand their use. In this study, we evaluated the toxicity of copper oxide (nCuO) nanoparticles in Danio rerio adults, their distribution/concentration, and chemical form after exposure. This last assessment had never been performed on copper-exposed zebrafish. Such evaluation was done through the characterization of...
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