Additional file 1 of Community composition and trophic mode diversity of fungi associated with fruiting body of medicinal Sanghuangporus vaninii

Yanjun Ma, Weiqian Gao, Fan Zhang, Xuetai Zhu, Weibao Kong, Shiquan Niu, Kun Gao & Hongqin Yang
Supplementary material 1: Table S1. Taxonomic classification of OTUs detected from Sanghuangporus vaninii fruiting body with total ITS rDNA read numbers. Table S2. The fungal OTUs associated with S. vaninii fruiting body were annotated into trophic modes. Table S3. Trophic modes annotation of associated fungi at genus level. Table S4. Trophic modes and their guilds annotation of fungi associated with S. vaninii fruiting body.
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