Age and geochemistry of the Naxiguole banded iron formation (BIF), NW China: recurrence of superior-type BIF in the Neoproterozoic

Jinlei Sun, Ye Qian, Yujin Li, Peng Zhang, Jianfeng Qiao, Yanjie Shen & Fengyue Sun
The Naxiguole Banded Iron Formation (BIF), located in the Eastern Kunlun Orogenic Belt, Northwest China, is hosted by the Jinshuikou Group and has a Fe of 75 Mt at a grade of 15–28.83 wt.% Fe. In this paper, we use integrated petrological, geochemical, and geochronological data to limit the age and origin of the Naxiguole BIF. Country rocks mainly comprise marble, felsic paragneiss, plagioclase amphibolite schist, and biotite plagioclase gneiss. The features of sedimentary structure...
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