Additional file 2 of Causality of genetically determined metabolites on anxiety disorders: a two-sample Mendelian randomization study

Gui Xiao, Qingnan He, Li Liu, Tingting Zhang, Mengjia Zhou, Xingxing Li, Yijun Chen, Yanyi Chen & Chunxiang Qin
Additional file 2: Table S1. The formula used to calculate R2 and F statistic between exposure and outcome; Table S2. Summary statistics of the anxiety disorders; Table S3–S12. Mendelian Randomization estimation for Amino acid(Table S3); Carbohydrate (Table S4); Co-factor or vitamin(Table S5);Energy(Table S6); Lipid(Table S7); Nucleotide (Table S8); Peptide (Table S9); Xenobiotic(Table S10);X(unknow metabolites) (Table S11);known metabolites (Table S12) on the risk of anxiety disorders; Table S13. The characteristics of SNPs and their genetic associations...
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