Additional file 2 of Maternal blood pressure associates with placental DNA methylation both directly and through alterations in cell-type composition

Lucile Broséus, Daniel Vaiman, Jörg Tost, Camino Ruano San Martin, Milan Jacobi, Joel D. Schwartz, Rémi Béranger, Rémy Slama, Barbara Heude & Johanna Lepeule
Additional file 2: Supplementary tables ST1-ST12. ST1 – Participants’ characteristics; ST2 - Global methylation analyses; ST3 - Inflation Factors; ST4 - Top 100 DMPs; ST5 - Replication Analysis; ST6 - DMRs; ST7 - Trait Enrichment; ST8 - Gene enrichment; ST9 - Sensitivity analyses of DMRs; ST10 - Association between blood pressure and cell-type composition; ST11 – Compositional mediation analysis; ST12 - Mediation analysis: role of the ratio Stromal/Syncytiotrophoblasts.
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