Additional file 4 of Competing endogenous RNA networks related to prognosis in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: comprehensive analyses and construction of a novel risk score model

Xin Zhang, Yang Han, Xinting Hu, Hua Wang, Zheng Tian, Ya Zhang & Xin Wang
Additional file 4: Supplementary figure 4. Efficiency of miR-185-3p transfection and functional enrichment analyses of target genes of circ_0002078. (A) Efficiency verification of miR-185-3p overexpression in MEC-1 cells by qRT-PCR. (B) GO analysis results demonstrated that the target genes of circ_0002078 were enriched in positive regulation of gene expression, lymphocyte proliferation, and regulation of B cell apoptotic process. (C) KEGG pathway analysis showed that the target genes were primarily relevant to JAK-STAT signaling pathway and...
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